Margarita Machine Instructions


The Mix


Each gallon of Parrot-Ice mix makes 5 gallons of product.  Each mixing jug holds 2 1/2 gallons.  Pour the Parrot-Ice mix into the mixing jug until it reaches 2 liters. If adding alcohol, the general rule is ˝ liter per mixing jug. (Add the alcohol now). Now fill the mixing jug with water until it reaches the 10 liter mark. Lay the jug on its wider side, place your hand on the handle and your thumb over the hole, and slide quickly back and forth to mix.  (Note:  1 gallon of mix makes approximately 88  8-oz. cups, and ˝ gallon of mix makes 44  8-oz. cups).  WARNING: NEVER LAY MACHINE ON ITS SIDE AS THIS CAN DAMAGE THE UNIT.  IF THIS OCCURS, YOU WILL BE RESPONSIBLE FOR REPAIRS.


Initial Start-Up


1.         Pour the mixed product into the hopper to completely fill the hopper.


2.         Place both switches into the “freeze” position. Allow the unit to freeze until the compressor kicks off. (Note: The lid must be on the hopper to operate).


3.         Test the fill light/chime function. Depress the float switch located in the hopper. The indicator light should illuminate. In addition, a chime should sound.  This float is designed to activate the light and chime when product in the hopper falls below a certain level. As soon as the product is of slush consistency, it is ready for dispensing.  (IF YOU HAVE A PROBLEM GETTING THE CHIME TO STOP, TRY REMOVING THE FLOAT AND TURNING IT UPSIDE-DOWN AND REINSTALLING. IF THIS DOES NOT STOP THE CHIME, YOU MAY REMOVE THE FLOAT & PIN).


4.         Place the switches into the “chill” position (freeze on, chill on).  ONLY do this if you need to leave the machine on for longer than 12 hours:  It is energy efficient and will keep your product fresh.




1.         Place control switches to “clean” (clean on, freeze on).  Pull faucet plunger and empty all mix into a clean container (to store it or to dispose of down the drain).


2.         Turn control switch to the “off” position and pour 2 gallons of cool rinse water into the hopper.  Wipe the hopper out (top tank).  Place the control switch to “clean” (clean on, freeze on) and agitate for 2 minutes, then switch to the “off’ position.  Drain and dispose of all rinse water. Repeat until water is clear.  DO NOT REMOVE THE FRONT FACE PLATE OR ANY OTHER PARTS.





Revised 2007